Multiple crises pose a fundamental challenge to international cooperation and the globalized economy as we know it. This is a crucial moment for government and business leaders to come together to shape a new economic system.”

Lars-Hendrik Röller
ESMT Economics Professor, Chairman Berlin Global Dialogue

Hosted at the historic campus of ESMT, Germany’s leading business school, Berlin Global Dialogue’s inaugural summit will focus on the three transitions shaping our collective future:

Transition to a new economic world order

How can we shape the transition to a new economic world order in times of increased competition between systems and regions? Business and government leaders need to find an integrated approach to economic, foreign, and security policy.

Transition to a low-carbon economy

How can we accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy while maintaining economic growth and prosperity? Business and government leaders need to scale private and public financing for the green transformation, and address biodiversity loss.

Transition to a just society

How can we ensure the transition to a just society amid widening inequalities between and within countries? Business and government leaders need to balance business and economic demands with societal and ecological needs. Rapid advancements in technology provide both risks and opportunities to shape a just and sustainable transition for all.