September 28-29 2023

Berlin, Germany

Uniting global leaders to shape a world in transition.

The world is facing a historic moment of transition.

A changing world order, disruptions of global markets and the climate crisis demand robust answers for international cooperation. Berlin Global Dialogue is a new global forum that unites business and policy leaders to find joint solutions for a global economy in transition. Founded by Professor Lars-Hendrik Röller, long-time Chief Economic Advisor to former Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin Global Dialogue is embedded in ESMT Berlin, Germany’s leading business school.

Lars-Hendrik Röller - Host of Berlin Global Dialogue

Multiple crises pose a fundamental challenge to international cooperation and the globalised economy as we know it. This is a crucial moment for government and business leaders to come together to shape a new economic system.”

Lars-Hendrik Röller
Chairman of Berlin Global Dialogue
Professor of Economics, ESMT Berlin

Why we create
Berlin Global Dialogue

In times of increased tensions and international fragmentation, Berlin Global Dialogue provides a truly global forum for open as well as confidential debates at eye level.

As an integrated approach to economic, foreign, and security policy has become indispensable, Berlin Global Dialogue unites business and government leaders to find joint solutions for a world and a global economy in transition.

Complementary to existing formats, Berlin Global Dialogue offers a platform to drive tangible progress and to create new partnerships for a just and sustainable transition for all.