Berlin Global Dialogue and Mahindra Group host roundtable in Mumbai

June 20, 2024
Side Events
Side Events

On June 17, 2024, Berlin Global Dialogue and Mahindra Group hosted the CEOs of India’s most prolific companies at a joint roundtable. Participants openly discussed the political situation in India and Europe after two pivotal elections and the evolving role of businesses in the current geopolitical environment at the company’s Mahindra Towers in Worli, Mumbai.

The Status Quo in Europe

The roundtable commenced with a keynote by Lars-Hendrik Röller, Founder and Chair of Berlin Global Dialogue. He provided his perspective on the outcome of the recent EU Elections and their impact on the broader economy, highlighting key areas such as competitiveness, security, and climate.

The Indian Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

Following the keynote, the discussion shifted to the outcome of the Indian elections and the resulting challenges and opportunities as the country’s economy evolves, such as infrastructure, services and finance. Indian businesses navigate a particularly complex role between the Eastern and Western ecosystems making resilience and self-sufficiency even more important.

The Future of EU - India Relations

Roundtable participants further discussed strategies for strengthening the relationship between India and Europe in a geopolitically challenging environment. Particular emphasis was on trade and on facilitating private investments despite regulatory challenges. In addition, participants discussed how to facilitate smoother migration processes and enhance labor mobility to benefit both regions.

The roundtable concluded with a consensus on the need for continued dialogue and collaboration between India and Europe in a multipolar era. As the world continues to change, this will be crucial in shaping a prosperous future for both regions.

We look forward to welcoming many roundtable participants at BGD 2024 to continue this conversation.

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