BGD 2024



With the theme “Building Common Ground”, the Berlin Global Dialogue 2024 will focus on new ways to cooperate in a fragmented world. A changing global order, economic pressures, the climate crisis, and rapid technological advancements require new coalitions, partnerships, and institutions for cooperation. At the same time, fragmentation, misinformation, and distrust deteriorate the basis for collaboration.  

In this new world order, we need to focus on areas where cooperation is possible - rather than not cooperating at all. Whilst power dynamics and alliances are shifting, the urgency of joint global challenges remains. Although local viewpoints on how to approach these issues may vary, it is essential to bridge these perspectives and to recalibrate cooperation.

The Berlin Global Dialogue 2024 will provide a platform to (re-) establish common ground, to identify pragmatic areas of cooperation, and to drive joint solutions for global challenges.


Global Dialogue’s annual summit brings together visionary leaders from business, government, and academia.

Bernard Mensah
President of International
Bank of America
Bernhard Lorentz
Managing Partner, Global Consulting Sustainability & Climate Leader
Edi Rama
Prime Minister
Emmanuel Macron
Fabian Billing
Managing Partner Germany and Austria
McKinsey& Company

BGD 2023

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